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what a week September 10, 2006

Posted by faelix in katamari, ocity.

ha. the initial flurry of blogging has died down somewhat, however, it has been a busy week. two second round interviews conducted – i notify people on monday as to whether they got the job. steve irwin died on monday. soooo sooo over that. get over it people. move on. peter brock died on friday. tragedy for the australian racing fans.

there’s still one song I have not unlocked for Me and My Katamari, however, I have started doing a kind of walkthrough for it. I’ve never done one before, but there’s 25 presents to find, and I’m still missing lots, and I have no idea where I have not looked for a present. and I’m sure there’s more than one present for each level. There arent 25 levels. and there’s a bunch of cousins. I know that in the cosmic level you find at least 4 cousins/rookies.

got myself a new phone, and so now I have part of Disco*Prince as my ring tone. bye bye to Worst Witch theme song. :(

friday night: observed a perfect example of one of the things I hate. people who walk along looking at the 5 cm of ground in front of their feet. we were waiting for mister 5cm-in-front-of-feet-looker to either stop or hurry up and cross the driveway we wanted to drive into. he started to cross the driveway then all of a sudden, looked up and OMG, horror of horrors! a “where did that car appear from?!” look was on his face. he crossed the driveway then returned to watching the 5cm of ground in front of his feet. a POX on those people

cant  wait for tuesday night. it’s We Love Katamari playing time at a friends place. :D



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