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slackocity September 19, 2006

Posted by faelix in ocity.

I didnt even post on sunday! I had a busy weekend though. Saturday was IT support for friends and then I visited friends. Sunday was cleaning and then a most riveting… wait for it.. a linen party. I was just keeping mum company really. Like most “party” shopping, it’s all over priced. I think I can only say that tupperware is the only one that is partially worth the money you spend because you can’t get it anywhere else. All the other stuff you can.

I drove home last night like I usually do. Stupid people can’t bloody drive! A man in a ute drove 60 in a 70 zone and held up all the traffic behind him. Stupid man. And I drove through a road that was being resurfaced. My dad explained to me why they rough up a road in preparation for resufacing then leave it roughed up for ages and ages. two reasons. politics and management. politics because if people see it’s roughed up then the pollies are doing something about what the people whinged about. management because they’re just fragging hopeless. Why do they do road works during the day? They should do it during the night when there’s no traffic. they’ve got those super bright lights that make it like day, theres less potential for accidents because there’s no cars and it doesnt impact on productivity lost due to people being late for work. stupid people.



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