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shoppingocity September 23, 2006

Posted by faelix in ocity.

I just spent the whole day shopping. it was meant to be a short trip. maybe two hours. mum wanted to go early so we could get a park, and we’d thought we’d be done by midday or so… 7 hours later… it was productive though. we bought dog food, I bought some travelling gear, space bags, desk lamps and other stuff.  during our excursion, we spotted an old family friend, the receptionist from my work, and i spotted an old uni friend.

we talked to the family friend. three women. bitching about marriages and inlaws. we did that crazy personal space thing. those two obviously have a smaller personal space than me. so I’d move back, then they’d come closer, then I’d move a bit more. our circle rotated about 90 degrees and we move about 1.5 meters in the direction of me. I HATE that. there’s a guy I know who seems to have a very small personal space and he forces me to do the same thing when I see him too. I move back, he closes in. I move. so on and so forth.

I wait for the days to come when I can spend all my time doing my crafty projects. I’ve just received a parcel with two cross stitch kits and I’m waiting for the next one to arrive – they’re all for presents. I still havent finished the last lot I bought!

i think it’s been decided – I will get married in jeans. or at least comfy pants and boots. screw the tradition nonsense. practicality-girl here.



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