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shopping-ocity October 26, 2006

Posted by faelix in ocity.

Bah. I should never go shopping during lunchtime on a week day again. I was silly enough to do that today. Getting to the shops wasnt too bad. Found a park really quickly – thanks to the high visibility I get from the van – and headed for the shops.
Problem: no cash. solution: find an atm. problem: dont want to get charged fees, so must find correct atm. solution: go to centre directory. bingo! it lists the atms of the bank I want. so I headed to the closest one. big mistake. it was a generic atm. GRRRR. Back to the centre directory.

THIS time, find the bank I want. I find it and head off in the correct direction. Navigate the typical and painful lunchtime weekday crowd. Mothers with children in prams, mothers with children in fully laden shopping trolleys, random couples with arms linked together, old people – ALL of them walking painfully slowly, not in straight lines and taking up as much space as they possibly can. It’s not so bad yet, I’m just trying to get some cash.

Find a bunch of banks, but not the one I need. Damn. Conveniently there’s another centre directory map right there. but it’s upside down to the last one I looked at. They’ve thoughtfully oriented it to where you are looking at it, but I had the last map ingrained into my short term memory to get me here. Delete last map, save new map. I’d turned one exit too early. Head to correct bank.

Okay! I’m cashed up now. Time to head to the store. Get to the store – get a trolley. Head into store with trolley – damn. I’ve managed to get one that wants to turn left all the time. I dont want to go back and get another one, I’ve gone too far already. I continue on – I’ve figured out that you can drive the trolley on the angle it wants to tend to, and it goes straight.

I head to where I think my intended shopping items are. They’re not there. I look to where I think they might be on a second go. Cant see a helpful sign. Have to head back to the store entrance to find a map. Turns out the department IS where I thought it would be on the second go, but as I get there, I realise I couldnt see it because the signage was pathetic.

Fill my trolley with the items. It’s dog food. 15kg packs for $10, so I buy 5 packs. I now have to maneouver a 75kg laden trolley back to the checkouts. Not too bad since the store isnt too busy. Now comes the real obstacle course – the shopping centre.

More of those stupid mothers, stupid couples and dumb people in general to avoid. Slow walkers too. And groups of people who insist on taking up the whole width of the walkway. And a stupid old lady who wandered along – I’m sure she saw me with the trolley. She started at the right, and slowly but surely moved to the left… RIGHT in front of me! and she was going soooooo slowly. I ended up having to ask her if she wanted to get run over. Stupid lady.

I made it to my car, loaded the precious cargo into it, then headed back to work. OMG, what a nightmare. It’s just two long roads back to my work from the shops, but heaven forbid people know how to drive their cars, let alone drive AT the speed limit.

They should make a truck lane, a “I can’t drive my car/I’m scared of traffic” lane and a “I’m in a hurry, dont get in my way” lane for the roads and something similar for walkways of shopping centres.



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