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Car Parking-ocity January 20, 2007

Posted by faelix in ocity.

My mum and I went to the shops today… We needed to park the car. I was driving around and around and then! I spotted a car about to leave a park. So, I camped on the spot, and waited for her to leave her park.
She was driving one of those pretend 4WD cars. It was quite new too. She reversed her car. Both mum and I offered helpful, yet – unfortunately – unheard, advice from our car.
“Reverse out some more. Turn your wheels.”
She stops reversing. With heaps and heaps of space left. So she goes forwards. About 6 inches (or so)
“Three point turn reverse. Okay lady! reverse more!”
She goes backwards about 6 inches again, and turns only a bit.
Mum and I can’t believe it.
She goes forwards again, another 6 inches (or so), and backwards again, and this time, she has enough space to leave.

I drive up towards the park, line it up for a reverse park, ease the car into the park, perfect in one hit. in a van.

I wish people would learn to drive their fancy schmancy cars.



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