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ceo-ocity January 22, 2007

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.

What spineless, ethics-less, morals-less, brains-less people think that just because someone is your CEO, that you should do whatever they request of you? Even if it is within your skills, and it’s a lawful request? -JUST- because they are the CEO?
Go call and harass them about some insignificant issue which I, your CEO, feel is a most grievous injustice on humanity. Go skydiving with me because I, your CEO, said so. Jump up and down on the spot right now because I, your CEO says so.


Simon says, “jump up and down”
Simon says, “pat your head”
Simon says, “run around in circles like a chook with its head cut off”
“Do everything I say because my name is Simon”…. AH! Simon didn’t say!




1. Micha Werle - January 23, 2007

Heehee, that’s funny. But only because it’s so damn true! Only because they are the CEO (or whatever) they are automatically better than the people who actually -do- the work and don’t just sit around bossing people around and playing golf with their buddy-CEO’s from the next company over?

I lost my parking space in the buildings’ garage because some big-wig felt their perks were being intruded upon. And it’s not as if my motorbike actually took any space away from the cars! They were just too good to share ‘their’ garage with motorbike scum.

I reckon he must have a really really tiny dick!

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