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catchup-ocity October 29, 2007

Posted by faelix in katamari, moron-ocity, ocity.

ok, so it’s been a while. I sometimes wish i could blog just by thinking “I should blog this”. hah, sif.

anyways. Beautiful Katamari is out. but only for xbox360. BAH. so I need to find me some friends who have xbox360 and beautiful katamari and are willing to either lend me both or let me leech off them. preeeeeese? ;)

So, onto people who should be shot. Morons who stand still on the right hand side of the escalators when EVERYONE else is standing on the left, blocking the way of people who want to walk up the escalators. Yes, that’s YOU, old bag on the escalators up to the train station. You know who you are. BAH.

Speaking of escalators, that’s how you say it – es-ka-lay-tor. Not ex-ka-lay-tor. Just like it’s ‘ask’, not ‘aks’. Dumb head. Mr-I’m-just-on-the-ex-ka-lay-tor.

Then, there’s the people that have bruvvers and muvvers instead of brothers and mothers. Or, should I have said ven, fere’s feh people fat… So, learn to speak your native tongue – billie piper and that other new chick who is on dr who, I’m talking to you.

Finally, (more because I can’t remember any more of the things I wanted to blog about – someone hurry up and invent blogging by thought!) guys who wear jeans that are hanging half way down their arses, and have to hike them up every few steps they take. I get so tempted to run up to them, pull down their pants, then run off again. And then the asian chicks who wear white/pale coloured shorts and black knee high socks. UG-LEE.

So. That’s all for now. Not like anyone is really reading this anyways. ;)



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