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GenConOz July 6, 2008

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StupendoMan and I went to GenConOz today. Free tix rock. :)
Seeing as it was the first time it’d come to Oz, we figured we’d go. I also figured I’d take the opportunity to get an autograph or two. First-timer, me. Decided I’d get Paul McGillion and David Nykl. Sorry to Alan Tudyk – I’m not as much of a fan of Serenity and Firefly as I am of Stargate.

We had a bit of a late start – only by half an hour from the scheduled opening time, so we had plenty of time to scope out the place.

Cosplay J and B-Man showed up after we’d looked around and prepaid for the autographs. So we hung around with them until it was time for me to line up for the autographs. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Then it is announced that Paul and David are going to do a Q&A session on the main stage. I scoot over to the seating, snaffle a fairly good seat near the front and wait. I then enjoy.

Signing time. I somehow manage to be at the front of the line. Poor Alan has been sitting there waiting for people to ask for his autograph. Paul and David finally make their way over to the signing area – mind you – it was RIGHT next to the main stage. They may have been eating some donuts (the KK kind). Sparing you the fine detail, I met David first then Paul. They were both very nice and I truly hope they do enjoy the rest of their time in the Sunshine State.

There was then a Super quick lunch with B-Man and Cosplay J – Cosplay J had to rush back to make it in time for the Cosplay Competition on the main stage. There were plenty of people there who were also doing some cosplay, so we figured we’d sit and watch – first-timers again.

In the words of Sam Beckett, not the poet, but the Leaper – “Oh Boy. StupendoMan and I were dumbfounded. Some of the cosplayers were good – their costumes were good, their skits so-so. But then one entry of a guy and a girl who’d seemed to have done nothing more than make the guy wear a wig… well, we think we got rickrolled. We had to escape VERY quickly.

Aside from the rickrolling, we did get to see some nifty gaming gear, some amazing costumes, and some cool board games. All in all, well worth the petrol money and the parking.



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