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Computers July 20, 2008

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.
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I like computers. Well, computers that are mine. I hate other people’s computers.
They’re set up wrong for me. They don’t work the way I want them to. They don’t work logically to my mind. I’ve found one person who kind of comes close to the way I work, but still, she has her windows start bar always displaying. I’ve stopped displaying mine because I like to have as many lines of code displaying as I can. Yes, that one extra line makes all the difference.
Same with mouse scrolling. Ever since I found out I could set the scroll to scroll page at a time instead of a measly 3 lines, I have had it set to that. It makes scrolling through huge pages of code so much easier.
Hidden extensions, simple folder view, hide system files, display inactive icons, show icons on desktop, large icons in start bar, show language toolbar, show quick start toolbar, hide status bar, use friendly http errors – all things I change. I like to be in control of the machine when I need to be.
Don’t waste my time being “friendly” – I need to know stuff, and don’t get in my way of finding out.



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