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The Margarets August 1, 2008

Posted by faelix in ocity.

I’m currently reading The Margarets by Sheri Tepper.
I only read two times a day, for about, maybe, 45 minutes all up – the whole train ride into work, and half the trainride back home. Usually, it’s more than enough for reading, but this time, it’s not! The story has caught my imagination and I want to keep reading! Maybe I’ll get time on the weekend.

As for the book itself, it’s very good. It follows the story of a girl who had imaginary friends when she was younger, but as she has grown up and moved about the galaxy, they’ve disappeared. And somehow it seems that she’s central to the salvation of the entire and ever increasing population of Earth, some 18 billion of them.
[Earth has taken a somewhat doomed course (and it’s probably very possible at the rate we’re going) – there’s no trees, no animals other than humans, there’s no clean water. The Earth governments have come to a population reduction program agreement with alien races – sell people to the aliens as slaves in exchange for clean water. I’ve now read up to a part where they’ve actually spread a sterilant throughout the population on Earth – so the majority of the population are sterile, but some people are resistant to it and are still fertile.]

It’s a very good story so far and I am hanging out to get back to it!



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