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Selling a van August 6, 2008

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.

So, I’m trying to sell our car – a van. I’ve attracted every kind of non english speaking person I can.

There was the woman who’s still at the shops – she said she’d call back after she finishes shopping.

There was the Indian guy who called up and spokelikethissofastandaccentedIhadnoideawhathewassaying. I managed to deciper two things that he said. I responded to them and he hasn’t called back since.

There was the wussy Indian who took it for a test drive and said that the clutch pedal was hard to press. Time for him to get some leg muscles if you ask me! Pathetic.

There’s the guy who keeps making appointments to see the car but never shows up. Well, he did eventually show up, took it for a test drive, then wanted to offer a little over half of what I was asking. Not a chance buddy. So his next complaint was that it didn’t have power steering.
This was also the guy who called on a Thursday, wanted to see the car that night, but we weren’t available, so I told him he couldn’t see it today, but he could see it on Saturday. ….
me: you can’t see it today, you can see it on saturday.
him: today?
me: no, not today. SAT-urday.
him: today? I see car today?
him: today! yes, I see car today.
(i give it some thought)
me: no. day-after-to-mor-row.
him: saturday!
me: yes.
Of course, he didn’t show up on Saturday.

There’s also the viet guy who had a look at the car and then asked if it was auto or manual after having SEEN the gear stick, and when I said it was manual, he said his preference was auto.

And then there’s the people who have no concept of how to talk on a phone. Many of my conversations have been as follows:
Me: Hello?
them: hello?
Me: yes, Hello?
them: hello?
them: um. hello?
Me: yes, you said that, what do you want?
… and so it goes.

Ugh. People: learn the language of the country so you can communicate with other people. If you can’t conduct a conversation with someone, how do you expect to get through in life? Sheesh.

Two people made appointments to see the car tonight. It’s 20 minutes past the first appointment time and no one has shown up. we’ll see if anyone shows up for the second appointment.
This is after a weekend where there were 5 appointments made and no one showed up. Pain in the butt.



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