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Give a little, get shit September 24, 2008

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.
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I came across this today… lgmansw

The friend who’d mentioned it had said “it’s broken in Firefox”.
I figured straight away, before even seeing it that it was most likely because it had been designed for and in IE.
Knowing that our other friends who had seen the url would not have IE, I loaded it.
And it looks like this:

“It’s bee-yoo-ti-full in IE”, I proclaimed.

We did a view source – Front Page. ugh.

I captured screenshots of the page in IE and in FF so our friends could see it and so we could ridicule it.

And then I scrolled down.

Broken images. Every single one was broken. I thought, maybe it’s just FF. Loaded it in IE. Broken images.

Another view source and it was revealed that all of the image urls start with file:///.

You’d think that a group that has people looking at its site from all over the state that they’d make sure it was right. And that at least the pictures were there. But no, give someone Frontpage and they call themselves a web developer. They don’t even have enough brains to ask someone outside of their office to check that their site isn’t crap. Shoot them please.



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