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crossed legs October 22, 2008

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.
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The trains have sets of 4 seats that face in towards each other. Two face forward, two face backwards. I’ve already determined that the sets that are in the middle of the carriage have a few extra centimetres of space – those are the good ones to sit at. The middle set was full this morning. A spot opened up in a non middle set, so I sat down. I faced backwards. Not ideal, but I was sitting. :)
So, anyways, with the minimal space that you get in those sets, it’s generally considered polite to not cross your legs (either like this (style a) or like this (style b)) because your legs stick out into the other person’s personal space and into their legs. So, Miss-At-Least-Over-40-But-Desperate-For-A-Guy-And-Looks-Like-I-Have-A-Fake-Tan-And-If-Only-I-Could-Stop-Fussing-Over-My-Stupid-Necklace-That-Was-Sitting-Just-Fine-Before-I-Started-Fiddling-With-It, it would have been nice, when I said “excuse me” to you, that you might have uncrossed your legs (from style b) and stopped banging your ugly arse toes in those ugly arse shoes into both my shin and my shiny doc martens.



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