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You got time for a quick question? And other things… January 28, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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“You have a minute for a quick question?”, is what those annoying Red Cross spruikers ask as you pass them on the footpath. Well, duh, if you answer them, then they’ve already used up their quick question. I wish they’d shut up and leave people alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for what the Red Cross does, but I’m busy right now, don’t hassle me while I’m on my way to find some food for lunch. Stand there and wait for someone to approach you. We can see you’re from the Red Cross – there’s no mistaking those shirts you’ve got on. If we wanna spend some time and listen to what you gotta say, we will, otherwise, leave us alone.

Moving on, umbrellas. I cannot remember if I’ve already ranted about this, but recently, the rain started up again. I almost got my eyes stabbed by a stupid umbrella person holding their umbrella too low, with no concern that it might smack into another person’s face as they passed them on the street. Grow a brain. Have some consideration for others.

Scuffers/shufflers – those people who walk along, dragging their shoes so they make a scuffing sound. Cripes, pick your feet up!

Loud-yawners – shut up. We don’t all need to know you’re tired. There’s no need to force a sound when you yawn so the whole place knows you’re yawning.

People-with-long-pants-that-are-so-long-that-you-have-trampled-on-the-ends-of-your-pants-and-they-are-now-all-ratty – spend $15 to go get your pants altered so they’re the correct length. It’s not that hard, and you’ll look a lot less like a bum.

Train-ettiquette-women – to those two women who took their sweet-arse time getting off the train, quit yer bitching and don’t complain that you couldn’t get off the train easily because the people who were waiting on the platform for anyone to get off before they boarded were in your way. They’d waited and assumed no one was getting off, so they got on. Be a bit more prepared and you won’t have that problem in future.

On some more fun notes, I downloaded demos for patapon and locoroco2 for the psp. Patapon was insanely hard given that you have to be absolutely perfect with the timing. Locoroco2 for the win. :)



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