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EclipseColorer 0.8.0 and Eclipse 3.4 – Ganymede January 29, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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Ok, so I finally got frustrated enough to really really really want my code nicely syntax highlighted.

I’ve used EclipseColorer before, but not with Ganymede. I think I was using it with Callisto.
It was a pain when I installed it with Callisto – what with EclipseColorer being a beta and the instructions being wrong.

I finally figured out how to install version 0.8.0 this morning and will share my pain with everyone.

If you find the plugin on Eclipse Plugin Central it provides the wrong update site of http://colorer.sf.net/eclipsecolorer/ . Do not use it. While it will work fine in your browser, Eclipse will not like it due to the redirect and you will get nothing. Use http://colorer.sourceforge.net/eclipsecolorer/ instead.

Version 0.8.0 is only a beta, so what you will install is only the stable version of 0.7.2. This is OK. Do that.
Shut down Eclipse.

Download the zip file for version 0.8.0 and extract it somewhere.
Copy the folder to “%eclipse_home%/dropins”

Start Eclipse.
Go to “Help” > “Software Updates…” – This is the Equinox p2 framework.

Click on the “Installed Software” tab and find “Eclipse Colorer”. Select it and then hit the “Update…” button.

It will then install the 0.8.0 version from the code you put in the dropins directory.

And you are done.



1. James - June 25, 2009

We tried to install this but when we put the updated .80 file in the dropins folder, highlight the .72 plugin and run the ‘update’; Eclipse fires back saying there is nothing to update…

faelix - June 27, 2009

Did you remember to shutdown Eclipse before you copied it to the dropins directory?

Also, I neglected to mention that this was done under Windows XP. I am not sure if it will behave the same under a *NIX system.

Also, this only applies to Eclipse 3.4 – I haven’t tried this with Eclipse 3.5

2. Marvin42 - October 13, 2009

The bad news:
Sorry faelix, but I tried everything as you said – and I get the same error as James: eclipse says “There is nothing to update”.

The good news:
I found another workaround to make eclipsecolorer_0.8.0 work with eclipse 3.4 (ganymede):
– install eclipsecolorer_0.7.2 as described above
– shut down eclipse
– extract the net.sf.colorer_0.8.0 directory from the zip file
– copy the _contents_ of the new extracted net.sf.colorer_0.8.0 directory into the old %eclipse%/plugins/net.sf.colorer_0.7.2 directory
– restart eclipse: voila

The plugin will display the wrong version number, but it will work! Especially the “Windows->Preferences->Colorer Library Editor->File Types” page will work (which it did not in 0.7.2 on ganymede)

This may be an impure, quick and very dirty approach – but hey: it works!

faelix - October 13, 2009


Glad you were able to make it work with that method.
I had successfully used that method with Callisto and Europa, but it did not work with Ganymede.

I guess it’s just pot luck as to which of the methods will work.

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