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Power plugs and pump packs August 28, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.

Power plugs bad, pump packs good.

First, power plugs. What -is- it with the people who decide on the shape of power plugs? I’m no electrical expert so I cannot comment on the size of the ridiculously huge transforming power packs
PowerBoard that make it very difficult to fit onto power boards, but what is it with the alignment of them, like this nokia charger nokia_charger or the power boards themselves SWP-L? WHY do they have to be so wide, on an angle? What’s wrong with making them be skinny, or attach at the bottom, or, even the top? I get that there is often a need to make them flat (as opposed to sticking out like this PB66) but why stick it out at the 4 or 5 o’clock mark? Why not 6 or 12 oclock?
And why are the widely spaced powerboards, which are supposedly designed to fit these dumbly designed power plugs, designed to let you have only 3 of these huge power plugs?

Now, onto a nicer topic. Pump packs! (like these :Sunblock I’ve recently realised just how great pump packs are. No need to mess around with unscrewing a lid, or fiddling with trying to put it back on, no squished product in a flip top lid, no mess on the bottle from your hands while trying to put the lid back on. All praise to the pump pack!



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