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Bejeweled Blitz Beta Review September 3, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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The beta is here!

We (people who are fans) get to play the beta and answer a survey.

I’ve already submitted the survey three times, but I am not sure if the people who coded up the survey will overwrite my responses.

And one of my responses was a mistake. Whoops! I’d mistakenly reported that if you start the game with the sound off, and then try to turn it back on during the game, it stays off. However, I’d forgotten that I’d turned my speakers off. DUH! So, it’s not a bug. [insert sheepish look]

So, onto the questions from the survey:
(And bear in mind that it is a beta, so maybe they’ve skimped on a few things so they can get the mechanics working… unless you’re from PopCap, you don’t know)

1. Did you like this new version of Bejeweled Blitz better than the previous version?

They only give an option of yes, or no. I voted yes, but there were quite a few things I didn’t like, so I would have really have preferred to say “sort of”.

2. Did you find that, on average, you were getting higher scores in this new version or the previous version?

Again, I nominated the new version. But it’s random – there were days when you’d completely suck at the previous version, and I’ve only played the new version for 1 hour. So, it’s a bit hard to tell yet. If anything, the new feature of being able to match new gems before the previous match completes gives the potential to make it easier. Also, the “Last Hurrah” feature can give you plenty of points after the time has expired.

3. What (if anything) did you like about this new version?

I liked that there is now a new type of gem that you get if you do a “T” or “L” match. blitz_gems
They’ve given them cute new names –
and Rainbow
However, I don’t think that rainbow gem is very rainbow-like. It looks more like an ugly grey box.

As mentioned earlier in the post, there’s now a Last Hurrah. Basically, it explodes all of your fancy gems – the multipliers, the Stars, Flames and Rainbows at the end of the game once your time has elapsed. There’s the potential to score a LOT of points there.


And there’s also the new feature of being able to match new gems before the previous match completes. There’s pros and cons to this – I’d rather see it as an option you can turn on or off. Why? I prefer to wait sometimes because the cascade goes all over the screen and there have been times when I’ve gotten Rainbow gems (aka hypergems in the existing bejeweled blitz) to cascade and create even more rainbow gems. I have also had maybe half a dozen Flame Gems (power gems in the original) cascade at once. It made a very interesting score graph.

4. What (if anything) did you dislike about this new version?
The graphics – ugh. UGLY.
Bring back the shiny! I’ve played many other gem matching games and Bejeweled Blitz beats them all because of the graphics.
Bring back the explosions! When you create a powergem, the gems you matched don’t explode, they do a slide.
And the hypergem isn’t as fancy as it once was, nor as dramatic. Bring back the lightning!

The voice – I saw someone say on the comments (of the facebook post) that it sounded like Peter Cullen (Voice of Optimus Prime from Transformers) – I wouldn’t know, but bring back the old voice!

The score multiplier gems are also harder to see in terms of colour – the orange and yellow ones are very similar. Also, the outlined number is too hard to read. It would be better as a solid letter.

Badges are missing – but I think that’s because the game is in beta and not saving stats. It’s definitely recording your highscore though.

5. If you experienced any bugs or technical problems with the game, please describe what they were.

The only thing I noticed was the time progress bar -seemed- to slow down sometimes. I wasn’t able to replicate it when I wanted to – it might have been my imagination.

6. Are there any other changes/features you would like to see made to Blitz in the future?

I’d like to see additional time added to the bar – not permanently – you’d have to earn it. For a certain type of gem, or if you cascade 6 or more powergems at once, or if you cascade for longer than 2 seconds, then you should gain 2 seconds.

It’s definitely a great game regardless of some of the points I’ve named as dislikes, and it’s free. I’m not complaining one teensy weensy bit. :D



1. faelix - September 4, 2009

A like I forgot to mention: the speed bonus will now indicate to you how much longer it will last. Nice touch, hard to really see.

A dislike – if you turn your sound off, you can’t really see that time is about to run out as easily as you used to be able to. In the previous version, the corners of the screen would flash. In this version, only the outline of the time progress bar flashes. A bit hard to see.

2. faelix - September 5, 2009

Another dislike – the way the rainbow gem doesn’t actually “swap” with another gem is a little offputting – it makes you think you didn’t actually do anything.

3. faelix - September 6, 2009

It’s still there. Make sure you’re logged into facebook, then go to http://apps.facebook.com/bejeweledblitz/beta.php

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