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Bejeweled Blitz Beta’s Blazing Speed Bonus September 4, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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Continuing the review of Bejeweled Blitz – because one hour’s worth of testing is most definitely not enough. Not when it comes to something that can be so random.

I just noticed the Blazing Speed Bonus. (Let’s just say my reading’s not so great when I’m tired. ;) )
I had already noticed the multiplier in the speed, and had gotten it up to a 20+ number in previous games, and had mistaken the colouring in the text as an indicator of how long before the speed bonus goes away. (Or, perhaps, it -is- such an indicator, I’m not sure)
However, the last I saw it on my most recent game, it got to x22 and the writing was all yellow, no white, and then the board went yellow and the voice (the un-inspiring voice) said “Blazing Speed!”… And of course, I didn’t know what on earth to do and probably wasted it all!

I’d better stop blogging and practice some more then!



1. faelix - September 4, 2009

Ok, I managed to get the speed bonus. According to my resultant scoregraph, it didn’t -seem- to do anything exciting for me scorewise, however, as previously mentioned, it did make the entire board yellow (not the gems) and each match I made exploded with a burst of yellow.

2. faelix - September 4, 2009

ah-ha! the explosions were not just of the match, but of the gems around the central gem as well! And the flame crackling sounds as you get closer to the Blazing Speed bonus are cute too. :D

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