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Store Stock Theft Reduction Systems September 11, 2009

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Also know as those tag things.
Mr BananaMan relayed to us that a store security person had “de-thingyfied” his laptop computer so it wouldn’t keep setting off the store’s alarm system.
It got me to wondering what had been done to his computer, and whether it was safe for it.
It turns out that there are three types of security tags – Radio Frequency – RF, Acousto-magnetic – AM, and Electromagnetic – EM. RF systems deactivate the tags with an RF burst which burnout the diode or RC components. EM and AM systems deactivate the tags by either magnetising or demagnetising the tags.
Whichever system is used by the store that Mr BananaMan went to, I’m sure it cannot have been good for his computer, although he says it’s still working fine.



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