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the new bejeweled blitz has arrived October 12, 2009

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.

The new version of Bewejeled Blitz is finally active on Facebook!

A friend of mine asked me what my secret was to getting the high scores that I do. I replied that it was mostly chance. And it is. As previously mentioned during the reviews, it’s possible to score massive bonus points from the Last Hurrah with nothing except random chance.

PopCap need to introduce more higher score badges – currently, the highest score badge is just 250k, however I’ve now scored 4 of them. My current score is over 350k, and a friend has over 300k. The ease with which highscores are possible has shifted the range of scores up.

Having said that, it’s definitely not a case of making just one match and watching the gems explode and your score increase. There are approaches and techniques that you can apply, but chance can often play against you and you can end up with a piddling 17k or 3k.

Cascade. Although in this new version you can make new matches while the previous one completes, I’ve lost the chance to create hyper / rainbow gems a few times by making matches and then seeing that if I had not made that match, but waited for the previous match to complete, I’d have been able to make a rainbow gem. Allowing the gems to cascade is sometimes still useful. Your speed bonus is not affected if you wait, which is also good. As long as you make a match as soon as the cascade is over, you can still keep working towards Blazing Speed.

Speed Bonus. I’ve still to figure out exactly how the speed bonus scores are calculated, but I’ve gotten plenty of speed bonus points and multipliers. The more fast matches you make, the faster the gems move, meaning you can make more matches even faster! And if you keep up the speed (and you have sound on) you’ll hear the crackle of the flames as you approach Blazing Speed. Once your entire speed bonus text has turned orange you get Blazing Speed.

Regular Board:

Blazing Speed Board:

Speed Bonus Score:

If you are trying to get a high score, the most critical thing to NOT do is be entranced by the completing matches and pretty explosions. Ignore them and look at the gems that are not moving for a match. If you’ve got good reflexes, you can watch the gems as they scroll down the game board in anticipation of a match with gems that are already there.

And finally, practice is definitely the best thing. It means you’re playing lots of games and there’s a chance that the randomness will work in your favour.

Enjoy! And thank you again to PopCap for a most fun game! :D



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