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Devil’s Tuning Fork Review November 25, 2009

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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I found this game through the Popular Items in Google Reader.

It’s a neat concept, and I downloaded it to play.

I did need to search for a walkthrough for one section. I didn’t find a walkthrough, but I managed to get past the stage I was stuck at.

The user interface for the menu during the game was controlled by the arrow keys instead of the mouse – it took me a while to figure this out since the circle game cursor that’s used during the game was still there, so I assumed it was a bug that my cursor would not move in that menu. Consistency in user interface would be an improvement.

The game does not let you save, or resume at your last checkpoint once you quit. You have to tediously go through the entire game again. This is not fun. Not fun at all.

The “recharge” bar of the echo isn’t really much of a challenge. It recharges very quickly and I was able to map out a lot of the room with a lot of quick short bursts.

What did challenge me was the sliding illusion caused by some of the echoes. I often found myself moving in the opposite direction to the echo lines because I thought I was moving when I really wasn’t.

Overall – nifty idea, could do with improvements.



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