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Touch typing, or reading before you hit enter February 15, 2010

Posted by faelix in ocity.

I spend a lot of time using instant messaging, be it IRC or GoogleChat or MSN Messenger (I refuse to call it by its new proper name…), or even Steam’s chat feature.

Usually, the content of the conversations are rather irrelevant and unimportant, so reading what’s already been said before one types and hits the “send” button (or whatever) doesn’t make much difference.

However, I use messenger a lot for work. I’ve found it extraordinarily annoying when I answer a question, only to wait and see the other person still labouriously typing out more explanation or clarification to their question (either indicated by the messaging system, or seeing lots and lots more text on the same question). I can only assume they’re not reading what’s on their screen because they have to look at their keyboard to type.

Granted, there are some cases where responses appear from many respondents and you may be repeating a response, or there may be significant delay (not so instant messaging!) but the cases I have in mind were not like that.

Is it so difficult, in this modern age of instant-ness, to learn to touch type? Or, failing that, read what’s come up on the screen before you send?



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