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PopCap’s Support is good August 21, 2010

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity, ocity.
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I’ve recently noticed a few bugs with boosts and the Moonstone Gem appearing (or, rather, not appearing), and decided I should let PopCap know about it.

hey there popcap team.
I’ve had the moonstone gem appear, and I buy it and twice now it has not actually rendered on the game that shows up next, but my coins get taken. :( not so much of an issue since i play it all the time and have lots of coins, but it might make other players unhappy to lose 25k worth of coins.
it also sometimes happens with boosts. they dont render the first time around, but then they appear for the 2nd and 3rd uses. which means you miss out on the first use. it doesnt always happen, but it does happen.
please look into it if you can.

(Yeah, yeah, I was lazy with my capitalisation and apostrophes)

I had not really expected any response, since I am sure they probably get lots and lots of messages.

So, I logged into play Bejeweled Blitz today and was surprised to see I had a lot more coins than I remembered having. About 100k more. I checked my email and saw this response from PopCap:

Thanks for your message.

We have adjusted your coin balance.

We will pass this information on to our Quality Assurance department. We appreciate your patience.

Thank You,
The Bejeweled Blitz Team

Thank you PopCap. For giving us a great, fun game to play, and for taking our feedback seriously. Keep up the good work!



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