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Astonishing Asian Driver December 11, 2010

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Mum and I were at the shops the other day. And we saw a non trivially sized car being reversed into a carpark space. As I drove past, my mum noted that it was an Asian. And a woman.

O M G.


Bejeweled Blitz Halloween Backgrounds December 11, 2010

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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Yeah, so it’s almost Christmas. Halloween is not that big here in Oz, and I’ve been a bit busy. But I did find time to get the Halloween backgrounds. Even the 8x multiplier one. So, in answer two my two commenters on my previous post about the backgrounds, here are the Halloween Bejeweled Blitz backgrounds.

PopCap were nice enough to post wallpapers of them as well.
http://bit.ly/BJBHlwnWP1 Haunted Blitz Mansion
http://bit.ly/BJBHlwnWP2 Here Come the Bats
http://bit.ly/BJBHlwnWP3 Zombie Squad