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Give way May 5, 2011

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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Hey, Ms-Indian-Grey-Mazda6-Euro-Plate-QKW10Z, just because you have too much money to spend on a wanky Euro style personalised plate, and because you can barely see over the steering wheel, you are NOT entitled to just keep pulling out of the carpark driveway into traffic without giving way.


In the kitchen May 1, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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MasterChef is starting again tonight. Blah blah blah. I will probably only watch the last two weeks of episodes again. It’s too painful to watch otherwise. I’m no professionally trained chef, but as my friend’s sister said: “It’s insulting.” It’s not insulting to me personally, but oh my god! These people have no clue!

I also detest watching a lot of other cooking shows.. Why? Because they’re so damned messy! It’s ok for -them-. They have someone to clean up their kitchens for them, wash all their dishes, clean their floor. I’ve got better things to do than clean up, so I try to ensure I keep things clean and tidy.

Which is why it was refreshing to hear the start of Jamie Oliver’s Thirty Minute Meals where he says “… a wet cloth under your chopping board…” Aside from him and my mum, I’ve never seen any tv cook, or any other person I know, put a wet cloth under a bowl or chopping board to prevent it from slipping and sliding around. There’s no need to buy fancy bowls with anti-slip grippers underneath, or suction cup thingamies. Just a wet cloth. Simple.