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Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism Wallpapers June 15, 2011

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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PopCap have released a set of wallpapers for the newest rare gem of the Phoenix Prism.

Fiery Phoenix:

Non-retina display portable devices – iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/l4x05P

iPhone 4: http://bit.ly/l9lZRf

iPad: http://bit.ly/lUcuiV

Desktop: http://bit.ly/kBSEUz

Baby Phoenix:

Non-retina display portable devices -iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/kau8mR

iPhone 4: http://bit.ly/mkAZKv

iPad: http://bit.ly/iCMOxx

Desktop: http://bit.ly/jypgWP

* Need help setting one of these cool images as your background? Here’s some links that will show you how!

PC: http://bit.ly/kq88fp

Mac: http://bit.ly/lJNBoK

iPhone/iPod/iPad: http://bit.ly/kMAiFm


Bejeweled Blitz Rare Gem Rush Weekend June 10, 2011

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From the Facebook post:

Rare Gem Rush Weekend Event, June 10 – 12!
It’s Rare Gem Rush this weekend, June 10 – 12! Starting at 10 AM PDT June 10 till 10 PM PDT June 12, share in our mother lode of gems and harvest extra rare gems all weekend long!

The only thing I wonder is whether the cost of harvesting the gems will be reduced? I blew a lot of coins playing with the Phoenix Prism last weekend.

Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism June 5, 2011

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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It was The Rise of the Phoenix! Event on Facebook the other day.

A test run of the new rare gem, I guess.

I managed to get the prisms to appear without much effort. I am still unclear as to what triggers their appearance. I’m glad I had a LOT of coins to purchase the prism though. At 75,000 coins a pop, it’s not cheap!

I can’t say I’m particularly keen on it yet. It detonates gems that I was going to match, so it currently annoys me.

It did, however, let me get my best score ever! 918,500!!! Woohoo!

I had to take screenshots from the video replay since the Phoenix Prism happens so quickly, and with so many animations, there was no chance I could do screencaps quickly enough. And there is no number 8 screen cap – I didn’t notice until I’d already uploaded them to wordPress that I’d failed at counting. Oh well.

It’s cute that the reborn phoenix (which looks a lot like an owl, if you ask me!) winks at you.