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Bejeweled Blitz Kanga Ruby October 31, 2012

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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The latest rare gem offering for Bejeweled Blitz has finished beta and has been unleashed on us all. The Kanga Ruby.

The kangaroo comes out at the end of each round, which is indicated by the timer at the top of the screen. He comes out and punches and kicks gems. You can speed up each round by matching more red gems – surprise surprise. And at the start of each game that you have a Kanga Ruby boost enabled, the red gems are highlighted in obvious patterns to help you along.

Shows you how many red gems you managed to destroy

Red gem layout for second instance of the Kanga Ruby.

It’s a Knock Out!

Action during round 3

Lowest Streak price


Using CFFeed to read an atom feed September 28, 2012

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Doesn’t work as expected. :( Not in CF9 at any rate.

According to the documentation, it’s meant to put the ”
content element xml:base attribute” into the column “XMLBASE”. But it doesn’t.

I was trying to parse the feed from http://fborfw.com/strip_fix/ and it has
<content type="html" xml:lang="en" xml:base="http://fborfw.com/strip_fix/"> in it. A cfdump of the cffeed query returns nothing in the XMLBASE column.

Surely, I cannot be the only person to use cffeed to read an atom feed?!?!?!

Has anyone else encountered this issue, I wonder?

I’m gonna download CF10 and try it…

In the kitchen May 1, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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MasterChef is starting again tonight. Blah blah blah. I will probably only watch the last two weeks of episodes again. It’s too painful to watch otherwise. I’m no professionally trained chef, but as my friend’s sister said: “It’s insulting.” It’s not insulting to me personally, but oh my god! These people have no clue!

I also detest watching a lot of other cooking shows.. Why? Because they’re so damned messy! It’s ok for -them-. They have someone to clean up their kitchens for them, wash all their dishes, clean their floor. I’ve got better things to do than clean up, so I try to ensure I keep things clean and tidy.

Which is why it was refreshing to hear the start of Jamie Oliver’s Thirty Minute Meals where he says “… a wet cloth under your chopping board…” Aside from him and my mum, I’ve never seen any tv cook, or any other person I know, put a wet cloth under a bowl or chopping board to prevent it from slipping and sliding around. There’s no need to buy fancy bowls with anti-slip grippers underneath, or suction cup thingamies. Just a wet cloth. Simple.

Car parking April 27, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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I like to reverse my car into car spaces over just driving into them. Especially in shopping centre car parks. It makes it so much easier to leave the car park after fighting through the shops and the checkouts.

I recently realised, combined with the fact that my car is actually a van, that instead of merely indicating left or right when I am going to reverse into a park, it’s a lot more effective to put my hazard lights on. It scares the other drivers into not attempting to squeeze their little cars into the gap and steal my car park. It’s only taken me about a decade to realise this trick, but it’s definitely effective.

Don’t mess with the crazy asian lady driving the big white van! :p

Bag Checking January 19, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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What’s the point of those bag checkers at the entrances of stores? I went through two today at lunch time and I had stuff from other stores in my bag, and with naught but a cursory glance, I was waved through.


Bejeweled Blitz Christmas backgrounds January 10, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Yes, they’re gone from the game now, but they did have them.


CFImage bug in CF8.01 January 4, 2011

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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I’ve been messing around with the CFImage tag for a personal project at home, and I came across this bug:

javax.imageio.IIOException: Quantization table 0x02 was not defined

I waded through the adobe forums (I hate reading forums) to apply the latest cumulative hotfix, only to discover that it DOES NOT have the fix required.

You need kb403411

Why it is not included in the cumulative hotfix, I do not know, but if you ask me, it shouldn’t be called a cumulative hotfix if it doesn’t include everything.

Astonishing Asian Driver December 11, 2010

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Mum and I were at the shops the other day. And we saw a non trivially sized car being reversed into a carpark space. As I drove past, my mum noted that it was an Asian. And a woman.

O M G.

Bejeweled Blitz Background Artwork September 13, 2010

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.

Something I noticed, but never until now confirmed was that the background artwork seemed to change.
Every time you activate a score multiplier, the background picture changes.
I even managed to activate an 8x multiplier! Really close to the end of the game, with the free multiplier boost active, so that’s why the final image was taken during the last hurrah. RAINBOWS!

Finally, the artwork is noticed! :)

Update: I managed to get a screenshot of the rainbows while they were still nice and bright! yay!

PopCap’s Support is good August 21, 2010

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity, ocity.
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I’ve recently noticed a few bugs with boosts and the Moonstone Gem appearing (or, rather, not appearing), and decided I should let PopCap know about it.

hey there popcap team.
I’ve had the moonstone gem appear, and I buy it and twice now it has not actually rendered on the game that shows up next, but my coins get taken. :( not so much of an issue since i play it all the time and have lots of coins, but it might make other players unhappy to lose 25k worth of coins.
it also sometimes happens with boosts. they dont render the first time around, but then they appear for the 2nd and 3rd uses. which means you miss out on the first use. it doesnt always happen, but it does happen.
please look into it if you can.

(Yeah, yeah, I was lazy with my capitalisation and apostrophes)

I had not really expected any response, since I am sure they probably get lots and lots of messages.

So, I logged into play Bejeweled Blitz today and was surprised to see I had a lot more coins than I remembered having. About 100k more. I checked my email and saw this response from PopCap:

Thanks for your message.

We have adjusted your coin balance.

We will pass this information on to our Quality Assurance department. We appreciate your patience.

Thank You,
The Bejeweled Blitz Team

Thank you PopCap. For giving us a great, fun game to play, and for taking our feedback seriously. Keep up the good work!