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Bejeweled Blitz Rare Gem Rush Weekend June 10, 2011

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From the Facebook post:

Rare Gem Rush Weekend Event, June 10 – 12!
It’s Rare Gem Rush this weekend, June 10 – 12! Starting at 10 AM PDT June 10 till 10 PM PDT June 12, share in our mother lode of gems and harvest extra rare gems all weekend long!

The only thing I wonder is whether the cost of harvesting the gems will be reduced? I blew a lot of coins playing with the Phoenix Prism last weekend.


Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism June 5, 2011

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It was The Rise of the Phoenix! Event on Facebook the other day.

A test run of the new rare gem, I guess.

I managed to get the prisms to appear without much effort. I am still unclear as to what triggers their appearance. I’m glad I had a LOT of coins to purchase the prism though. At 75,000 coins a pop, it’s not cheap!

I can’t say I’m particularly keen on it yet. It detonates gems that I was going to match, so it currently annoys me.

It did, however, let me get my best score ever! 918,500!!! Woohoo!

I had to take screenshots from the video replay since the Phoenix Prism happens so quickly, and with so many animations, there was no chance I could do screencaps quickly enough. And there is no number 8 screen cap – I didn’t notice until I’d already uploaded them to wordPress that I’d failed at counting. Oh well.

It’s cute that the reborn phoenix (which looks a lot like an owl, if you ask me!) winks at you.

Give way May 5, 2011

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Hey, Ms-Indian-Grey-Mazda6-Euro-Plate-QKW10Z, just because you have too much money to spend on a wanky Euro style personalised plate, and because you can barely see over the steering wheel, you are NOT entitled to just keep pulling out of the carpark driveway into traffic without giving way.

In the kitchen May 1, 2011

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MasterChef is starting again tonight. Blah blah blah. I will probably only watch the last two weeks of episodes again. It’s too painful to watch otherwise. I’m no professionally trained chef, but as my friend’s sister said: “It’s insulting.” It’s not insulting to me personally, but oh my god! These people have no clue!

I also detest watching a lot of other cooking shows.. Why? Because they’re so damned messy! It’s ok for -them-. They have someone to clean up their kitchens for them, wash all their dishes, clean their floor. I’ve got better things to do than clean up, so I try to ensure I keep things clean and tidy.

Which is why it was refreshing to hear the start of Jamie Oliver’s Thirty Minute Meals where he says “… a wet cloth under your chopping board…” Aside from him and my mum, I’ve never seen any tv cook, or any other person I know, put a wet cloth under a bowl or chopping board to prevent it from slipping and sliding around. There’s no need to buy fancy bowls with anti-slip grippers underneath, or suction cup thingamies. Just a wet cloth. Simple.

Car parking April 27, 2011

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I like to reverse my car into car spaces over just driving into them. Especially in shopping centre car parks. It makes it so much easier to leave the car park after fighting through the shops and the checkouts.

I recently realised, combined with the fact that my car is actually a van, that instead of merely indicating left or right when I am going to reverse into a park, it’s a lot more effective to put my hazard lights on. It scares the other drivers into not attempting to squeeze their little cars into the gap and steal my car park. It’s only taken me about a decade to realise this trick, but it’s definitely effective.

Don’t mess with the crazy asian lady driving the big white van! :p

Inductive Loop Traffic Detector April 27, 2011

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Over the Easter break, I’ve done a bit more driving than I usually do. And twice, at the same place, we got stuck behind a MORON who was too scared to stop their car at the line of the intersection. Why was this a problem you might ask? Because the traffic signals are triggered with those inductive loop traffic detectors. And if you don’t put your car over it, it won’t detect your car and you will wait forever.

Stopping your car at the line over those marks in the road is NOT going to hurt you or your car, you numbskulls! They’re not an indication of a trapdoor or anything sinister. They will trigger the traffic signals to cycle to green for YOU! ARGH!

Oh no… it’s gonna be… April 9, 2011

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all of 26C in Chicaco on Sunday.

To quote my t-shirt: “WTF”?!?!?!

It’s only going to be a pathetic 26C and -that- makes it newsworthy? My aircon is set to 26C!

Bag Checking January 19, 2011

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What’s the point of those bag checkers at the entrances of stores? I went through two today at lunch time and I had stuff from other stores in my bag, and with naught but a cursory glance, I was waved through.


Bejeweled Blitz Christmas backgrounds January 10, 2011

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Yes, they’re gone from the game now, but they did have them.


Hill starts January 10, 2011

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In an automatic car are EASY. So, the only reason I can think of for the young asian in his white automatic sedan not going all the way up the hill, to the intersection line, so his car would be over the traffic signal trigger, is that he’s USELESS. And it wasn’t even -that- steep. Pathetic.
If I had not changed lanes and gone up to the trigger, we’d all have been waiting there until the cops got called and gave the idiot a stern talking to. And some finger waggling too, I’m sure.