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No excuse anymore November 23, 2012

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.
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I went looking for some information on a website today. For a school. I won’t name the school. The name of the school’s not really relevant except that they are a school and not a web development company.

What is relevant, however, is that their website did not work. Broken links, and forms that did not work. Their “Student Absence” form was broken! And they even linked to the form saying that you can fill that in to notify of student absences. I’d hate to see how many students have been incorrectly marked as awol.

I’m a web developer and have been for over a decade. Previously, I would excuse bad websites by saying “they’re a X, not web developers”. No more. Decent web development is not that expensive, and attention to detail should be the client’s responsibility to make sure they’re getting what they paid for – not just broken links but content as well. I think that having a broken website is worse than no website at all. And it’s a reflection of your business.


Bejeweled Blitz Kanga Ruby October 31, 2012

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The latest rare gem offering for Bejeweled Blitz has finished beta and has been unleashed on us all. The Kanga Ruby.

The kangaroo comes out at the end of each round, which is indicated by the timer at the top of the screen. He comes out and punches and kicks gems. You can speed up each round by matching more red gems – surprise surprise. And at the start of each game that you have a Kanga Ruby boost enabled, the red gems are highlighted in obvious patterns to help you along.

Shows you how many red gems you managed to destroy

Red gem layout for second instance of the Kanga Ruby.

It’s a Knock Out!

Action during round 3

Lowest Streak price

Installed? October 25, 2012

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WTF? I just saw “… waiting to see what is installed for me…” and I’m sure there’s no new built-in wardrobes, nor a new pool, nor a new installation of a software application on the computer. It’s “in store”…

Using CFFeed to read an atom feed September 28, 2012

Posted by faelix in curi-ocity.
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Doesn’t work as expected. :( Not in CF9 at any rate.

According to the documentation, it’s meant to put the ”
content element xml:base attribute” into the column “XMLBASE”. But it doesn’t.

I was trying to parse the feed from http://fborfw.com/strip_fix/ and it has
<content type="html" xml:lang="en" xml:base="http://fborfw.com/strip_fix/"> in it. A cfdump of the cffeed query returns nothing in the XMLBASE column.

Surely, I cannot be the only person to use cffeed to read an atom feed?!?!?!

Has anyone else encountered this issue, I wonder?

I’m gonna download CF10 and try it…

Stupid old man! August 7, 2012

Posted by faelix in moron-ocity.
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Two Fridays ago… I was driving along in the right hand lane on a divided road. I had taken off from the lights with a car or two in front of me. Then I notice the car in the lane to my left is starting to get a bit close to me. Hand on horn. Ummm… Dude!!! Mister-silver-honda-accord-570KEK-old-man+wife-in-car-too!! You’re supposed to look! How you couldn’t see my VAN, I don’t know, but I actually went up onto the median strip’s kerb! Luckily I didn’t smash into the trees there! Karma hit you a bit and for all of your overtaking, you still got stopped at the same lights as me. I hope you smash your car into a concrete pillar!

Rude Man! April 24, 2012

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Hey, you Fatty-PinkShirt-Baldy-Whitey-Man-Walking-Down-Adelaide-St-At-201204241340. There was no one to your left, there was PLENTY of space, you could have stepped one step over, I know you saw me, yet you decided to shoulder slam me, knock my lunch to the ground, and keep walking without even a backwards glance. I hope you fall down a hole.

Goodbye Google Reader November 17, 2011

Posted by faelix in ocity.

I belatedly discovered Google Reader about 2 years ago, and liked it so much that I blogged about it.

Then Google decided to “revamp” it and they made it all unreadable. I started to unsubscribe from things and was all ready to just stop bothering with reading. Then I discovered that netvibes does a reader view (instead of its usual widget view).

I logged in to netvibes (with my account that I’d started there back in 2007!) and imported my subscriptions that I’d exported from Google Reader. I’ve already subscribed to another blog!

Goodbye Google Reader. I’ll come back when you un-suckify your site.

A real house tour August 18, 2011

Posted by faelix in ocity.
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A friend linked this house tour on fb. I love it.

It made me think of how annoyed I get when I see real estate photos of houses…

I’m guilty of watching renovation shows… the reveals mostly – where the you get to see the shock and horror surpise and delight of the renovatees. I’m still waiting for the day that they rip out someone’s hills hoist from their backyard, (yes, they “replaced it with a fold down clothes line attached to a wall in a ‘utility area'”) and when they do the reveal, you can see how pissed off the home owner is that they got rid of it. I’d be mighty pissed off if someone did that to my clothes line! I wouldn’t give a shit that there’s now a deck and an outdoor balinese-style day bed. Where the hell am I meant to hang my clothes to dry in the sun now?!

Slippery Slide!!! August 12, 2011

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I just saw this on the news on tv… according to my google search, it’s not new news, but then again, we are in Australia, things take a while to get to us…

How COOL is this? A slippery slide to get to the train platform! Woot!

I can forsee a problem if it gets hot, but I figure that it doesn’t get as hot in Holland as it does in our Sunshine State. But what happens when it’s cold?

Either way, it’s way cool. Like the slippery slide they have in the Singapore airport! Makes me want to go on a cool slippery slide tour around the world. :D

Bejeweled Blitz Phoenix Prism Wallpapers June 15, 2011

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PopCap have released a set of wallpapers for the newest rare gem of the Phoenix Prism.

Fiery Phoenix:

Non-retina display portable devices – iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/l4x05P

iPhone 4: http://bit.ly/l9lZRf

iPad: http://bit.ly/lUcuiV

Desktop: http://bit.ly/kBSEUz

Baby Phoenix:

Non-retina display portable devices -iPhone 3G, 3GS, iPod Touch: http://bit.ly/kau8mR

iPhone 4: http://bit.ly/mkAZKv

iPad: http://bit.ly/iCMOxx

Desktop: http://bit.ly/jypgWP

* Need help setting one of these cool images as your background? Here’s some links that will show you how!

PC: http://bit.ly/kq88fp

Mac: http://bit.ly/lJNBoK

iPhone/iPod/iPad: http://bit.ly/kMAiFm